Tonight was our first IP Christmas Party! We started with gifts…then off to salsa lessons..:) then some food at the olive garden!  The lessons took place at a downtown Mishawaka Studio, Dance the Nite Away. ( It was GREAT fun and now John and I will be going back for more:) Then we had a awesome splurge on food! Ending with the best dessert in the world.. Black Tie Mousse Cake.

Thanks girls for a lovely evening! I LOVE YOU!

Janie, Taylor, Karen, Michelle

Sporting one of her gifts!

lolololololololol……..  Michelle… cracks me up! LOOK HOW INTENSE!

Taking a moment to free style a little hip hop!

soo tired and hot!

Joel! 🙂

Halana, the instructor!

(not doing our part to save the environment :(….)      🙂

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