Fantastic Forties!

From the moment we first spotted Justin & Nicole in their dapper mid-century attire, we knew this was going to be a super-fun shoot!

And it WAS!!!

How fun was it?

Well, we started the day with this wise guy and his moll at the history-packed

National New York Central Railroad Museum

we made a quick stop at this cool field of parachute balls…

and then off to Goshen and pie heaven, better known as the one and only South Side Soda Shop!,

where top-notch lemon meringue and some tasty strawberry hit the spot – thank you Nick & Charity!

Nicole’s family owns the Food Network-featured diner, so we got some privileged access during business hours!

A bit of vintage South Side Soda Shop panel truck:)

Oh yes!  they did!  Pogo sticks + pasture = …broken ankle?:):):)  fortunately not today!

And, we called it a wrap at their cute residence where we got to meet their babies, Layla & Edie!!!

It was a great day, and the rain began…

Thanks guys for being so much fun!

We LOVED getting to know you a little better:)

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Forties!

  1. oh i love all of them!! i think my favorite is the one of them in front of the house with the dogs. how awesome to have such a beautiful picture like that to capture all those elements in your time!! and i love her ring and they whole style is gorgeous. the one where he is holding her and the popped leg kissing by the train. oh what a dream!!! i could go on and on. super beautiful amazing work again!!!

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