The Naturals!

We’d been looking forward to it for a couple of months!  We traveled to Indy to meet Dave & Jennie… and to shoot their engagement photos:)  Count on Indiana to deliver a mid-fifties and windy Saturday after so many days of warm sunshine!  We all shivered a bit, but it was a fun, easygoing afternoon with these two!  We met them at their home where we immediately learned much about the awesomeness of their style!  So natural, musical, artsy, fun, eclectic, and filled with love!  Just great – we could make a shoot out of just the details of their home decor!  LOVE THAT COUCH!;)  Sam, their dog with great collegiate taste (see below), was SO full of energy, and a BLAST to meet!  Nico (the other beautiful pup) knows – she felt the unabashed enthusiasm in the form of a high-speed sideswipe;)  We were amazed at the perfect acre and a half (with a CREEK even!) of wooded ground they have behind their home.  Equally amazing – how easily these two “not models;)” showed their beauty (and their adoration of one another) through the lens!  Seriously, you guys could be models;)  We can’t wait to see them again and to be a part of their celebration!  Here’s a glimpse of the day with Dave & Jennie…

This picture kinda sums up their house. It’s so cute and cozy!

sometime between this shot and the next Naomi (one of their good friends who does makeup – and of course did Jennie’s;) found a surprise on her shoe (thanks Sam:(!

“Oh, it’s okay,” she said, “they’re Jennie’s shoes!”


flowers found in their home:)

one of the cutest couples you will ever see!!! RIGHT THERE!!

two seconds after…well… maybe DURING this shot… a tree behind me…crashed down…a tree!

THATS how windy it was 😉

and of course we had to get one with the famous IMA sculpture, but just one! lolol

This one’s for you grandpa!

It was a great day:):):)

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