Magnificence on the Mile!

Friday was the much-anticipated day of Jay + Sarah’s wedding!  We arrived in the Windy City at 11am Thursday to get oriented and to prepare, and by the end of the day we were pumped!  And it certainly was magnificent at the Marriott Downtown!!!  With the super-fun and extraordinarily attractive group of friends that made up their wedding party, these two models lovers filled the day with a terrific mix of glam, romance, laughter and merriment!  Great location, decor, music, food, and people!  From the hair at Hush and makeup by Aubrey and Dawne in the morning, to Jay and the guys joking and laughing in the guys’s rooms at midday, to the two hour Chicago trolley party in the early evening it was a totally fun vibe all day!  Flowers With JazzPanache, and CPR created such a wonderful ambiance!  We took some fantastic shots at the Canal Street Marina & Yacht Yard, which is where Kurt Russell’s character lived (on a boat, duh) in the movie “Backdraft.”  Thanks to owner Mark Reigle for granting us access after-hours!  The reception brought more of the same great energy – Scott and Emma made fantastic toasts to the newlyweds and the dancing was fantastic and epidemic – thanks to Cage + Aquarium and Rich Tillman!  Kristina Capozzoli is a great asset to Marriott – she did a great job with the catering and the logistics of flipping the ceremony salon into the reception food area!  Carolyn Lai and assistant Molly Lorenz of EventSpaceSF did a superb job coordinating the day-of events, and were a pleasure to meet and work with:)  From the moment that we met Sarah Thursday to the moment we said congratulations and good bye, it was a truly exceptional wedding that we enjoyed very much capturing memories of!  Disaster was averted when an essential piece of jewelry was discovered at the bottom of a purse, and Jay + Sarah became the newest Cortese team!!!  It was a GREAT day!

“Team Cortese!”

One of the multiple food stations!  There was Chinese, and Mexican, and… and…  lol

Their cute/creative martini bar:)

…and the dessert table!

Only MJ can do this to the dance floor 🙂


Molly & Carolyn!

…and “happily ever after” started on a foggy night…

5 thoughts on “Magnificence on the Mile!

  1. Janie – WOW. Oh. My. Goodness. You are amzing!!! You captured Sarah and Jay’s wedding beautifully. I can’t stop staring at the photos you took and I can’t wait to see all of them. I am in awe of your work and will be calling you and referring you whenever the opportunity comes up!! ~Robyn (one of Sarah’s bridesmaids)

  2. Janie,
    I knew from the time I first looked at your website last summer and met you at the coffee shop with Sarah & Jay that you had a unique style and would be perfect to capture their wedding day and you certainly did deliver. Your work is equisite!! Just from the sampling of pics on your blog, you captured the very soul of them and highlighted all the unique touches that went into their planning. I am eager to see the rest. I also enjoyed the thoughts expressed by you and John, your pictures, and those of your lovely family of animals. You are an amazingly gifted photographer and a delightful person!!
    Patty (Sarah’s mom)

  3. Janie – As I have told you already, these pictures are beyond stunning! I can’t believe this is actually my wedding! You captured everything so beautifully. You were so sweet, fun, and easy to work with. You, John, and Joe worked so well as a team to highlight our wedding day. I am so happy that you went with the vision you had and let your creativity soar. Jay and I are beyond happy with this preview and cannot wait to see the rest!!!! Keep up the amazing work! Hopefully we can work with you in the future through the referrals I give or through anything else!!!

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