the Sheaks-Timlin affair!

Kate and the ladies created a relaxed atmosphere at the Sheaks’ home in St. John.  Except Dave (Kate’s dad).  Hahah!  He felt compelled to do some window-washing to avoid sitting still:)  It was: emotional, sweet, talent-rich, and generally gorgeous!  With peonies and bling to boot!

Mike and the fellas filled adjoining rooms at the Radisson with laughter, smiles, food, jokes, crutches, some sweet kicks, futbol, and then a bit of overwhelming emotion when Mike first tried to read Kate’s card;)  A stretch Expedition carried Mike (and the guys) to St. Maria Goretti…

…and Kate!  At roughly 2PM we met Mr. and Mrs. Timlin!  Then, a bubble send-off, hors d’oeuvres (Dave and Vickie killed it!), a power-tripping D. Hunter, sweet photos, crazy rain, 20’s gangster film photos (thanks Chris!), and White Hawk!!!  Great food, sweet toasting, sports metaphor toasting (also sweet:), and masterful emceeing led to exposure of everyone’s inner dance machine!

It was a great day!

Congratulations Mike & Kate!!!

We can’t wait to see you in a few days!!!  in Thailand!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS ONE! (above)

I talked about these for days after. seriously. i want one right now!

lololol “who does this happen to?”…lolol

this was completely accident..but i thought it was funny!

“huh?” …lolololol


3 thoughts on “the Sheaks-Timlin affair!

  1. Dear Janie & John, WOW — the pictures are fabulous!!You totally captured the essence of Kate and Mike and the wedding. It is more than I imagined. Each picture captured a story and has so much meaning-unbelieveable. Thank you for all your hard work and your talent. Get some rest Kate said Thailand is FAR FAR AWAY.I hope you will have time to enjoy . I talked with my friend whose daughters wedding THE MAGNIFICENT MILE you did and we praised you for a long time-were your ears ringing? you are totally AWESOME!!We are so fortunate in many ways to have met you both.

  2. Janie and John, Kate and Mike struck gold when they found you. As I looked at the pictures, I wondered what it would be like to see the world through your eyes. You find such beauty in the world. The simplest thing turns into a breathtaking image through your lens. This works wonderfully with a wedding. Many of the little details that Kate and Vickie (and Mike and Dave) worked on were captured wonderfully. You guys are truly talented. Kate and Mike will have images to look at for the rest of their lives that will bring back the magic of their day.

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