Pretty in Pettisville!

Trevor + Bre are an absolutely sterling couple, extraordinarily enjoyable to be around and smashing to photograph!  Their wedding was a terrific tribute to their love of choice things.  Things chock-full of history, character, and meaning.  Old-school suits, Grandpa’s cuff-links, a vintage-style dress, and the coolest old church (ha ha 😉  Trev and the guys got ready at their home church, snacking on sandwiches, chips and soda while trading stories and laughs.  Bre and the girls got ready at the Lange house (very cool history there!), reminiscing about Grandma and eating lunch in the down time as the anticipation built:)  When everyone was ready we made the trip to Grandma Donna and Lyle’s to do some photos in the awesome orchard there.  Peaches, plums and apples-wish we had that orchard in the yard here.  It was hot, but it was so much fun and the photos make every minute worth it!  If this session hadn’t been enough, the Old Union Church in Pettisville, Ohio, was fantastic for vintage photos too.  A nicely concise ceremony ended as the ringing church bell introduced the new Daugherty team!

We made a brief stop in downtown Archbold at Mom’s Diner for exclamation photos in the vintage theme!  Thanks to Mom’s for their kindness in allowing us to do some photos during business hours:)

Next stop-the reception celebration at Northwest State!  The space was fantastic with its second level and stairs for the big entrance:)  The twin buffet setups were a great idea and the food was terrific!  Great job Bert & Co on the catering:)  After some touching toasts and a bit of mingling, it was time for the dances.  Unbeknownst to nearly everyone was the CRAZY-COOLness of the choreographed father-daughter dance!  Bre and Dan had planned and practiced the entire dance on country roads in the weeks just prior to the big day!  They started with Butterfly kisses and then broke into several other song bits paired to sweet dance moves before ending with the rest of Butterfly Kisses.  It was so much fun to see (and to see the surprise and emotion in her mom’s eyes;) and the sweetness of the story brings me to the brink of tears every time I think about it-like right now.  So great!

There was lots of great dancing and a cute bouquet toss to bookend the celebration:)  We got one last very cute shot, inspired by one of Bre’s favorite photos from her grandparents’ wedding before parting ways.

We look forward to seeing these two again!  Thanks so much, Trev and Bre for being you and allowing us to be a part of it all:)  We loved it and can’t wait to show you some of your photos…

Her grandma had a picture very similar to this one when she got married 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pretty in Pettisville!

  1. Oh my goodness!!! These photos are FANTASTIC! i loved them. all of them. but esp the one with the basketball in the orchard, the one at mom’s diner with the jukebox, the last one mirroring the grandmother’s picture, … you get the idea – all of them! They’re wonderful, and sooo Bre and Trev!!

  2. Janie, John and Joe,
    We have gotten sooo many compliments on these photos. It has been so fun to look through them with friends and family and talk about our special day. You all were so fun to work with and really understood what we were hoping to capture on our day! Thanks!

  3. The photos are amazing and take me back to that day! I love the photos outside the church with the fans in the windows!! I almost could feel the heat just looking back at the pictures. No matter how hot it was the great memories and pictures are all that remain!! And of course a beautiful relationship! 🙂

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