Fair Vintage!

We had a great time with Andrew + Mallory at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair Thursday evening!  They met up with us at the office, we chatted about some wedding stuff, and then we took off for the Fair…  Two blocks later we were moving at a snail’s pace on Madison heading east:(  I was stubborn and didn’t turn off to take the back route to the gates for fear of wasting even more time.  But, after about 15 minutes and 2 more blocks, we veered into an alley and discovered that there is no waiting whatsoever when you arrive from the east!  Anyway, we made our way in and got started!  It was a perfect night, not hot but not chilly, and the engaged couple made channelling the creativity such a breeze.  The sweet pillbox hat, vintage dress, suspenders and skinny tie adorning the über-cool steadies made some exciting photos!  I LOVE the one of them in the Ferris wheel bucket:)  The fried food was excellent (and probably about 4500 calories) and the company even better:)  We love them and we hope you guys do too:)!  Here’s a sneak…

4 thoughts on “Fair Vintage!

  1. I love them! Thanks for capturing the sunshine I’ve always seen in my son & for showing the wonderful & fun character of both Andrew & Mallory! I’m excited for the way your photography will complete the memory of their wedding.

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