Finally Findley! [The Backyard Wedding]

We had a fantastic time documenting Andy + Abby’s wedding day!  The day started with a drizzle of rain.  It was a welcome rain because we hoped to get it out of the way and have clear skies for the beautiful backyard wedding, garden hors’ d’oeuvres and tent reception.  We picked up Abby’s dress and got started!  Then, while Janie hung out with the girls getting their hair and makeup done, I met up with Andy and the guys at the Miller house where they grabbed some lunch before heading back to the future Findley home to get groomed.  It was a light and happy time at both Olive Mennonite and at the house, but with a definite charge of anticipation and excitement.  Loads of laughter and merriment among the closest of friends made it all the more great an atmosphere to be in!  After Abby was dolled up (hair by the fabulous Kelly Sutton of Hair Dimensions) and in her gorgeous vintage style dress, and Andy finished getting dashingly dapper, both groups of amigos made their way to the Miller home where the couple would see one another for the first time on the first day of their married life!  We captured some amazingly moving moments as they shared a quiet conversation hidden in the pines far behind the house.  The moment brought tears to our eyes:)  Two gorgeous people sharing a sweet moment as they anticipated the public statement of their total and lifelong commitment to one another!

By this time the rain had stopped completely.  We prepared for some fun wedding photos at the coolest tree we think we’ve ever seen!  Thanks so much to the wonderful local family for allowing us to use it!  We had a lot of fun as we got some of the most fun wedding photos!

Back at the Miller’s we did some family photos and then prepared for the ceremony:)  The backyard at the Millers is an idyllic garden of flowers, landscaping and benches, trimmed and weeded by a dedicated group of friends and family for the wedding.  The sun began to shine, right on cue;)  Before you could say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Abby was coming down the aisle toward Andy.  And Andy was overwhelmed to tears:)  Another awesome moment!  SUCH an honor to be part of this!  At about 6:45 we were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Findley for the first time!  After dismissing their guests, some extended family photos and a fun wedding party photo, Andy and Abby rode off in a vintage Ford Galaxie… to a surprise.  Andy had arranged for Abby’s longtime wish of riding in a horse-drawn carriage to be granted!  They swapped one old-school ride for another and enjoyed an evening ride back to their reception to greet and eat.  A wonderful meal by Judy Yoder was followed by a variety of ancedotes about Andy and Abby, the toasts, and the cutting of the cake.  After a speech expressing their gratitude, the Findleys had arranged for the icing.  A team of aunts and uncles blanketed the guests tables with plates of whoopie pies!  There were 6! different flavors and we know for sure that the espresso was terrific.  We witnessed a sufficient number of “mmm’s” and lip-licking to guess that the other 5 were also delicious:)  It was a delectable end to a treat of a day!  Thanks Andy and Abby for letting us be part of your day!  May all your subsequent days be filled with love and may good things beyond your deepest desires await you at every turn!

Here’s a look at some of Andy and Abby’s big day…

Cleo the cat 🙂

mins before the ceremony

6 thoughts on “Finally Findley! [The Backyard Wedding]

  1. These pictures are fabulous! We love your style. We don’t even remember noticing you during the wedding….but you certainly got some wonderful shots! Thanks so much for capturing the day so that we can always remember all the little details! Love it!

  2. John and Janie!! Oh my goodness!!!! You two did SUCH an amazing job capturing our special day! I find myself just sitting back, looking at the photos and being swept back into the moment. 🙂 Thank you for capturing the emotions, small details and people that made up this spectacular day for Andy and I. I couldn’t be happier with the way the photos have turned out! 🙂 You did an outstanding job!! We love the photos!

  3. So glad to see your special photos! We missed the wedding but these were great–next best thing to being there. Beautiful…thanks for sharing. Love you & God bless you both: Lynn & Carol

  4. jack and i looked at the photos and we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! they captured your day and YOU BOTH so well. lots of love, amy and jack

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