Being Benjamin Button…

Sunday was the day!  The day for Landon and Leah’s anniversary shoot!  It was the actual day of their first anniversary, so we were honored that they chose to spend the afternoon with us, getting photographed!  They couldn’t have been better prepared, wardrobe-wise or attitude-wise, for the Benjamin Button themed shoot that we had collaborated to execute:)  We met at the office and headed to the first location right away, where we got to know them a bit better as we set up each shot.  Landon is a structural engineer and Leah does freelance graphic design work!  They have a cute blog called The Rife Observatory that we enjoy and you will, too:)   Leah’s sister Hannah also came along to assist in any ways needed, so we even got to know a little about her family, too.  It was such a blessing that the three of them were so fun and easygoing as we made our way through the shoot locations with a few other stops for miscellaneous accessories to make the shots!  We had such an enjoyable time!  After the motorcycle shot and the sunset shot, we took a break to eat at Rulli’s to get some some nourishment and wait for darkness to fall.  We had lots of pleasant conversation over dinner and some leftovers to enjoy back at home;)  Thanks guys!  Afterwards, we headed back to…live dangerously!  Such rebels, our troop!  We got some perfect shots and even saw a shooting star, so it was totally worth the effort.  We made our last stop in downtown Goshen for nighttime urban shots, and then parted ways.  We enjoyed the entire afternoon and evening and are happy to have made some new friends:)!  Here’s Landon and Leah’s Benjamin Button inspired anniversary photo shoot…

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