The Big…Cry

Kyle + Taleasha’s wedding was awesome!  And we wouldn’t have expected it to be any other way because these are two of the awesomest people in the history of the world!  We’ve been friends with them since they’ve been a they!  We again found it difficult to photograph a wedding of two people we’re such good friends with!  Sniffle, tear… snap, snap…sniffle, tear;)

The day started for Taleasha and the gals at Intrigue Salon in Middlebury where Katrina got everyone’s hair looking perfect.  Then it was off to the Old Bag Factory (OBF) for the rest of the dolling.  Such a great time of laughs, cries, and anticipation!  As the girls continued, I met Kyle and the guys at Applebee’s for some light fare to tide them over till dinner.  Also an enjoyable time of reminiscing and laughing!  Afterwards, it was off to the OBF to get dressed and make the last preparations for the main event!  As we got closer to the ceremony, we saw our friends looking better than we’ve ever seen them.  Kyle was even more strikingly handsome as a groom and Taleasha even more glowing and beautiful as a bride than we’ve gotten used to in the everyday!  The moment was at hand!  In a wink, Kyle was waiting for Taleasha, and there was emotion in every eye!  It was intense!  The ceremony was so Kyle and Taleasha and we loved it:)  You just can’t say “These are the hands that held a puppy” and expect guests not to cry!  It was such a cool moment when we were officially introduced to the new Sheley team!!!  Then, it was time to compose and go take some wedding party photos!  We got some great crazyface pictures… and a few good ones otherwise, too;)

The Sheley’s made a quiet entrance into the reception, true to their low-key form.  And greeted each table of family and friends as their guests ate and conversed.  Eliza (Kyle’s sis) made a super sweet toast!  Tears abounded!  When they took to the dance floor to Eliza’s brilliant vocals, the emotion flowed on:)  The meal was excellent, the cake even better, and the company made it feel like a family gettogether – every tummy full and every spirit content!  The photo-booth was a good time and made a nice transition between eating and dancing.  There was a fair amount of rug-cutting:)  Everyone loves MJ and the Gaga! And then, there were waaay more apartment keys returned than expected.  Kyle, you dog!  Haha!  It’s funny cause it’s not true, you know?!  Seriously, Kyle, you are one of the best dudes in the world!

When everything was wrapped up, a group of family and friends made the jaunt to Middlebury for an informal after-party at the Winners Circle for a few rounds of toasting and merriment!  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Kyle and Taleasha’s marriage celebration, and look forward to many special moments in the future!  We love you guys!!!

Here’s a look at the Sheleys’s big day…

Awesome buttonnieres <-(link)

we all agreed she should have left it this way 🙂

watching eliza practice 🙂


now its waiting…

and so we danced 🙂

i couldn’t pick.. they’re both so good 🙂

she was hot! i do what i can 🙂

single lady dance

Here are the photobooth pictures 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Big…Cry

  1. janie you = INSANE!!! these are beyond awesome! the whole style of the wedding i am in love with!!! i love her getting in her dress and all you can see are her legs! so cute and the boys on the cart thing!!! oh i love them all awesome work guys!!

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