A New Adventure… In Love and Happiness! Part 1

Justin + Nicole’s big day finally came last Saturday and it was FANTASTIC!

We met Nicole in the morning at her family’s cozy farm house to do some dress photos and begin documenting the amazing-ness that we expected this day to hold.  From the first moment we saw Nicole, Knickerbocker, Charity, Hannah and the rest of the troupe at the Boyd house, full of excitement and emotion, we were certain it would be the greatest Adventure in Love and Happiness yet!

After wrapping up some sweet dress pics and wrangling the largest prop we’ve ever used, Joe and I headed to the Lehman house to meet up with Jus, Larry, Hope, Robbie, and the guys.  It was a low-key vibe, but with a just-below-the-surface charge of anticipatory excitement.  I particularly loved that Jus’s drink was a gin and tonic!  The minutes passed quickly as everyone snacked, laughed and watched Midnight Special dvds.  Jus got dressed, emotions welled in the corners of Hope’s eyes, Lonnie and Robbie suited up and got the business end of the Nerf gun, and then Larry got the ’69 Camaro Z28 (pretty much the awesom-est American car ever made) revved and ready to jet over to the Boyds’ where he would see his bride to be for the first time on their wedding day!

As the guys finished getting ready and then heading out, Cole and the girls were doing last minute hair and glam-ing before Jus arrived and the whirlwind of emotions and photos would get underway.

Jus waited behind the barn, and Cole approached him unseen until she stood just behind him.  It was a great moment!  They were both looking their absolute best and the energy of the day enhanced it to the max!  Such a beautiful pair!!!  After sharing a few quiet moments with just one another, we kicked off the wedding photo session!  To recap one of the most fun shoots to date, it went something like this…

We hiked into a field with tall grass and land mines, captured Willy, laid the bride and groom in fire-red leaves, visited their soon-to-be home, boated on a leafy red brick road in a yellow canoe, picked apples (kinda), dodged rotten apples (seriously), and parked extremely close to the road near a busy intersection.  Then returned to the Boyd homestead for a few more shots before heading to the Chouse for family photos and a little preparation relaxation before the ceremony.  Guests began to arrive in a seemingly endless train, greeted with their choice of champaign or sparkling grape juice and a celebratory vibe!  It was an intimate atmosphere created amongst all of these friends and family, a fitting tribute to the amazing couple they were gathering to celebrate:)

After a sweet ceremony, packed from start to finish with smiles, tears, laughter and every positive emotion under the sun, the brand-new Lehman team came down the aisle and beneath the arch.  Everyone found their way outside, conversing and shaking hands, as the instrumental quartet began to play.  Not only did this foursome greet the guests as they exited the Chouse, they also played…as they…marched…in the parade to the reception!!!  It was awesome!  Each guest received a handkerchief on their seat upon arrival and as they made their way down Washington to the space above Mattern’s for the reception, they waved in celebration above each head.  It was really the way we think a wedding should be-a larger than normal life celebratory event!  As the parade crossed Main Street in downtown Goshen, traffic waited patiently for the last guest to cross:)

At the reception, the grandeur continued.  Awesome decor in a perfect space.  Beautiful streamers crisscrossing the width of the space and beautiful dried flowers in wood boxes were a tribute to the talents of the couple and their dedicated family.  The streamers were custom-dyed by Jus and Cole and then assembled into the streamers you see in the photos.  There was lavender at each place setting!  They also picked and dried the rest of the flowers themselves and Knick built the boxes from what was at one time a fence at the family farm.  If you looked in the right places, you could actually see the places where the horses once chewed at the wood.  Cocktails were enjoyed as everyone found their seats in the music-themed seating chart, and then the Lehmans and their party made their entrance and kicked off the dinner service!  Laurie Chupp and Dustin Mattern made a great team in the catering and grilling arrangement, and put on a fantastic meal.  Especially cute was the squash soup which was served in small, hollowed-out pumpkins.  Thoughtful, touching, and humorous were the toasts made by Lonnie and Hannah, and delicious was the cake made by Adam’s Cake!  The night only seemed to get better and better as High Life played, the dance floor overflowed till tables were actually pushed back to accommodate everyone in the mood to move.  Just when everyone had used the energy from the tastey dinner, Meg Cloud’s late night Nacho Bar came to the rescue!  Late into the night the merriment and celebration continued in the shadow of the Goshen Theater sign, which offered a lighted Congratulations to the couple.

We had such a great time photographing Justin and Nicole’s beautiful wedding celebration and even more enjoyed the warmth of the core of their family and friends on their biggest day!  It was also a great experience working with the talented Dusty Diller and Christina Eagen, who were their videographer and DOC, respectively!

We look forward to lots of fun times in the future with this awesome pair!  It was an honor to be their wedding day photographers!  Here’s a look into the new Adventure in Love and Happiness…

Through that door was the bathroom!

her shoes were like cotton candy!

This is their half-camel, half-polar bear dog, Megan.

one of my favorite groom pics 🙂 (those r his vows in his hand )

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