Fair in the Fall! (Ali’s Senior Shoot)

Our first senior photo session of the season was awesome!  We met Ali and Linda at their home and started the shoot in the field neighboring the family’s woods and quickly saw that Ali’s presence was as amazing on camera as in person:)  We shot a variety around the family grounds and then headed to downtown Goshen to add a bit of urban edge and Ali’s beautiful eyes made the shots there, too.  We’re really pleased with the way the shoot went and the way the photos turned out!  We got to know a little about the family and the things that mean a lot to them too, which is also super-cool!  We couldn’t be happier that we got to be the ones to do Ali’s photos.  We’re excited to go through the rest, but here’s a first glimpse into Ali’s senior pictures…

4 thoughts on “Fair in the Fall! (Ali’s Senior Shoot)

  1. I love all these photos and how they were all taken outside! Ali is so beautiful, it definitely looks like a professional model shoot! Can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

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