from the heart.

Happy New Year Everyone 🙂

John and I have spent the last week and a half fighting a sick bug that took me over 🙂 Yes. He fought too. He’s my best friend. Who luckily chose me to witness life with. I was so sick this week, that i couldn’t eat, (which helped the diet get a jump start;)  or speak. I had a 102 fever off and on for 3 days. I laid in bed and then always opening my eyes to my beautiful husband’s face and hot tea 🙂  My year closed with a reminder of what I have. I get to work along side someone who loves me more then he loves anything else. MORE THEN BOOKS! The universe cannot hold the abundance of blessings that have rained down on me in my life.  and my husband is number one. I’ve always known how lucky I was to have a partner who believes so much like I do… on (almost) everything. To find someone that sees the positivity and beauty in the world as I do is hard enough…but to have it in my best friend… my coworker …my lover  and most important .. my journey partner almost impossible. This past week has been a reminder.

I don’t really believe in resolutions…more the new year is a great time to reground yourself. Are you who you want to be?  Are you happy?

I usually make the list.. but don’t hold myself to say …this is for 2011. It reads.. this is for my life. Adding to the life list :

Appreciate my husband more.

Getting more work done.

Letting more work go and remembering I have a life to live as well.

Remembering my hobbies. sorry guitar 😦

To take photographs. for myself.

Be more healthy.

To REALLY learn to respect John’s loves and participate in them…with him 🙂

Pay loans back.

Give away $100.00 a day to strangers for a month.


I hope you all had a wonderful group of fresh and loved days this past while and I look forward to our future friendship:)

and some advice for the world… to think more from your heart.



4 thoughts on “from the heart.

  1. You are so much more than I ever hoped for in a wife and partner, Janie. You were already a fantastic person, friend, and partner when we became an us and you’ve grown to become so much more incredible since then in so many ways. There doesn’t seem to be an end to how much better you can get. Seeing how sick and helpless you were this past week has made me realize more fully how incredibly strong and tireless you normally are. It reminds me how lucky I am to have such a strong woman beside me and how fortunate it was that I was the one you chose as well. Without you I wouldn’t be half the person that I am. I feel so fortunate to have a wife who doesn’t stop at the surface, but goes to the heart of the matter, tries to identify and then practice things that can make the world a better place. The way that we continue to share a view of the world and it’s layers is something I cherish tremendously. I love knowing that there’s never a question that you won’t want to get into because you don’t want to think about what the answers could mean. (I’m also really thankful that you listen patiently as I sometimes talk in circles trying to make sense of things I haven’t been able to get a handle on.) Basically, I think you’re pretty great and I feel crazy lucky to have this life with you!
    In the past week of your sickness there’s not been a single thing I’ve done that you haven’t also done for me when I’ve been sick;) I wish I could have done more.
    You’re my greatest treasure!

  2. awww guys you are beyond cute and just perfect i love it!! and i love your list its great. you should do a collection of your personal photos every month on your blog. that would be pretty. happy new years guys!!!

  3. This post just made me cry. I love how honest and genuine you guys are…you are such a beautiful couple. You show what a marriage can look like that’s not full of bitterness and selfishness….you are sacrificing for each other and that’s what it’s all about. Thank you for writing this!

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