Nethyel Spring 2011! Part 1

Recently Bethza Seminario contacted us to see if we’d be interested in being part of her and Noraima’s Spring 2011 Nethyel shoot, and because she’s awesome and we love her we didn’t hesitate to say that we’d like to do the shoot!  The gorgesous Alyssa Mango modeled some of Jules Boutique‘s awesome offerings in two different makeup looks.  Julia Herschberger of Salon J did Alyssa’s hair while Noraima and Janie chose some looks and Bethza did the fabulous makeup.  It took almost as long to actually reach the first location as it did to actually shoot the entire first series of looks!  We discovered a lake in an area where there isn’t normally one and took forever to get around it, but when we did Alyssa knocked it out like the cold and delays were nothing.  We had a great day with great people and here’s a first glimpse!

this one’s for me 🙂 i just love it 🙂 (it looks like a clothes ad)

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