Chalk one up.

John will be back on our next blog..(all about Chicago), but for now you all have to deal with me and …… and not so much caps. annnd a couple of these :):) So anyways! Here’s what we did. This is an idea I got inspiration from a photo I saw about a year ago. I put in the brain and let it swirl around until the perfect mate for it came along. Enter Maddie. Maddie is a senior, who is and wanted anything but senior portraits. Out comes the idea and it was love at first I apologize.. its 3:00 in the morning and I’m falling asleep on the keys. I’ve been so excited to do this for so long and it couldn’t have gone better! 🙂 Have a look at our chalk board room. (and fyi… its John’s handy work 😉

One thought on “Chalk one up.

  1. these are beautiful and sooo creative!! i love all her outfits she has some killer style! and all the details are just amazing, the outlet plug thing, the flowers! how lucky is she i bet anyone would kill for pictures that cool! they are in my top 5 favorites now of yours!!

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