Orchard Grandeur!

Patrick and Amanda’s wedding weekend was sublime! The evening before the big day was a bit gloomy and drizzly, and the morning of was rainy and then stormy before the clouds parted and the sun eventually came out! We met Amanda and her ladies at Pat’s sister Tonia’s place in Chesterton to start the day and begin photographing. Amanda was her usual beautiful, laidback self but with a certain additional energy about her. We got to see Wendy and meet a few more friends and her mother before Joe and I left to run errands and make final preparations while Janie and Christina stayed with the ladies who were getting hair and makeup started. By the time we arrived at the Highlands home in Portage, the sky was showing signs of precipitation, possibly even storming. We met Pat’s awesome entourage of friends, family, and dogs and got some shots as everyone shared stories and jokes and eventually watched a bit of the race. The storm rolled in with an ominous look, but peaked without too much local effect. After a few final shots with Pat and one with Mack, we headed across town for the ceremony and the rest of the festivities these two had planned for everyone to share with them at the orchard.

The ceremony too place inside because of the last minute storms and the saturated state of the alternative site, and it was gorgeous. Their guests created such a warm, close environment and you could feel the comfort and love. The moment was perfect as Amanda and her dad came down the stairs at the rear and made their way down the aisle toward Pat! The music was wonderful! The prepared words and admonition were absolutely aces; smiles, laughs, and tears were shared and the new Highlandses were anxious to, well, be announced as such, and make their way back down the aisle as a brand new union;) After exchanging congratulations with their close friends and parents and an interesting discovery by Pat (which hand?) we sequestered the wedding party back outside for some photos. We had a lot of help to carry out the ideas for the photos with just Pat and Amanda, not the least of which came from the two of them. Their willingness to trust us was totally amazing and we were blown away by it as well as by the photos that it yielded!!!

We wrapped things up as quickly as possible and made the short trip back to the barn for the entrance to the reception. It was a wonderful party, with fantastic, touching toasts, tender dances, delicious food, and lots of great dancing and merrymaking! It was idyllic and when we finally called it a wrap with a nighttime orchard shot, it had been a day filled to the brim with love. We could not be prouder to have been the ones to capture their day and we are so excited to present a preview of Patrick and Amanda’s wedding! Enjoy!!!

We did a little art project before the wedding and put together some scenes for Amanda & her Bridesmaids accessories. Because she’s an artist..I thought it was fitting!:) (going to upload them to facebook bigger and with a descriptions of what each picture (scene) holds)

Highlands Team Players:
Venue: County Line Orchard
Flowers: Moody Blooms
Hair: Rachel Hunt
DJ: Entertainment Express
Catering: Cafe Elite

Feel free to link to our blog or save images to display on Facebook or Myspace, but please don’t edit, crop, or alter them in any way!

Click on any storyboard to see a larger version!

8 thoughts on “Orchard Grandeur!

  1. Absolutely amazing pics. The love of Amanda and Pat jumps out of all the pics. You captured the wonderful time everyone had. I don’t think a couple could ask for any better pics of their beautiful special day!!

  2. AWW!!!! I cried all over again (happy tears!) while looking at these! What a great day! Janie, you are amazingly talented! It makes me want to get married all over again so you can take the pics! 🙂 Amanda and Patrick had a beautiful day and you captured it all!

  3. These works of art are a true representation of exactly the essense of Amanda & Patrick. They are warm, geniune, & full of love for others! We will cherish them for generations! Love you all!

  4. Wow!To see these pic’s was to be there and re-live those precious moments again.I cannot say enough about the amazing shots taken in orchard of these two love birds and the farm with the horses.They blew me away!!!

  5. Wow! These just made me laugh and cry. Beautiful photos…How could they not be though? Amanda and Patrick are both gorgeou. (Inside and out.) 😉

  6. your pics are Awesome! I wish i had took some of your cards. I did the hair at her wedding, and I do lots of weddings every year. I will def tell my other brides about you!!

  7. Breathtaking and Beautiful!!! Works of art, would it be weird to get a wall mural of Pat and Amanda with Hap (my horse) …Bahahahaa!! No seriously, you two are amazing and I am so happy and honored to have met you both. Keep the LOVE!!!

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