Love Bug!

The prospect of expressing Andrew and Mallory’s wedding day in words is a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure where to begin and I feel that it may be best to let the photos truly tell the story, with minimal commentary… These two had a great vibe between them and it was a pleasure and honor to be part of their day! The ceremony and reception took place at a friend’s gorgeous Klinger Lake property. The setting for the ceremony was in front of the house with a beautiful carved log and simple, elegant archway as the backdrop. The reception celebration was hosted beneath a tent, lakeside.

From beginning to end, the Berkey-McFarren wedding was all the best things that anyone can hope for a wedding day to be! It was amazing to be there on their day, to see the way they are with one another and to feel the love that made them who they are and drew them to each other! They have unbelievable families, equally fantastic friends, and the sum of these is sure to be a blessed life!

It feels strange to relay a wedding day on such a base level, but I feel now like I felt when we were leaving the night of the wedding – incapable of arranging words in a way that tells the story of Andrew and Mallory’s wedding day well enough to put them in front of the photos. We have not gotten to spend very much time with them, but their spirits are as beautiful as any we have ever met and we cherished each moment of June 11, 2011!

Berkey-McFarren Elements

Location: Theresa and Andy Reith’s gorgeous property!
Catering: The amazing Marcia!
Flowers: Camille’s
Ceremonial Sound: Dan Holden
DJ: DJ in a Box
Bug: Thank you Nick Berkey! It’s a Berkey family tradition that each son’s first vehicle was a VW Beetle that they themselves restored and the one you see pictured is Nick’s:)

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One thought on “Love Bug!

  1. Hey… Congrats Andrew&Mallory for the wedding… I feel so sorry I couldn’t be there with you… the pictures are amazing and you two are gorgeous… keep your smile always and good luck on this new path… many greeting from Romania 😉

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