Viva Chicago!

Nick & Meghan are a super busy, super sweet couple living in the windy city and getting married at the Basilica in a couple of weeks!  We met up with them at their gorgeous apartment just outside of downtown on a Monday afternoon to get to know them a bit and shoot some engagement photos.  We got to meet their awesome dog, Cooper, who Nick found at a rescue and presented to Meghan for Christmas.  Being animal people ourselves, meeting him really put us at ease and his energy level never disappointed us all the way to the end of the session when we got back to their place to talk details.  Before we headed back to Goshen, Nick stopped us to ask if we wanted to grab a bite to eat at one of the many excellent pizza joints that Chicago is so popular for-D’Agostino’s!  It was great food, but more importantly, we really got to know them better and like them even more after sharing the meal and conversation!  We can’t wait for their wedding!  Here’s a look at their session…

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