Fireworks at Riverside!

On the most patriotic weekend of the year two of the coolest people in this part of the state began their life together with a perfect ceremony and reception celebration at Riverside Terrace in Mishawaka. Those two people are Cliff and Katie and we are proud to have been the ones to capture some of their wedding day memories. It was a hot, hot day and it rained, but just as they had planned, the clouds parted when it was time to take some pictures;)! We got started shooting just before the ceremony which wasn’t until about 5:30, but it was action-packed and beautiful all the way through till the fireworks eventually did end across the water and the heart sparkler burned its last ember. We really enjoyed their day and are pleased to show you some of their photos!

Venue: Riverside Terrace

DJ: Ben Decker

Cake: Cakewalk

Flowers: Poppies by Polly McCarthy

Feel free to link to our blog or save images to display on Facebook or Myspace, but please don’t re-edit, crop, or otherwise alter them!

Click on any storyboard to see a larger version!

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