A & E At the Farmhouse!

We love Andrew and Emily! This couple is so good together and the way they love is awesome. We had a super fun engagement with them this spring and got to see some of it then, but on their wedding day they were really in their element with their friends and family and it was a great thing to be around! On to some of what we loved about the day…
One thing we found to be generally awesome was the setting. Both the wedding ceremony and the reception celebration were at a brand new venue just outside of Nappanee called The Farmhouse, beneath two different barns. We can’t stress enough, though we hope the photos help to give a good taste, how great this place is. The owner, Deb, has put so much work and thought into this place, ten years in the making. Another thing we loved was the light atmosphere and laughter that wove the day together. The guys relaxed and joked lightheartedly about memories and the way that big gifts can fly under the radar… frequently;) We loved that Emily was nearly unfazed by the torrents of rain and wind that pushed the ceremony back till 7:30 and left her brother soaked. We loved the fact that guests were equally unfazed, some even tromping up the lane in the heavier bits of storm and staying till they’d left it all on the dance floor, happy. We loved seeing Dan Godfrey once again, Craig’s sunglasses, the heat, the flowers, the sight of Emily walking up behind Andrew for the first time on the last day of being single, the tandem bicycle, the birdcage veil, the golf cart “just married”, the harpist, the guitarist, the huge smiles everywhere, the food, the toasts, the music, and the night sky! This really could go on for a very long time…
We really just had a wonderful experience with the brand new Headings couple and cherished the opportunity to capture such a beautiful day full of beautiful people and two lifetimes to love…

Venue: The Farmhouse
Catering: Dal-Mar
Officiant: Phil Whetstone
Makeup: the beautiful Bethza!
Hair: In-Style Salon
DJ: South Shore Entertainment

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One thought on “A & E At the Farmhouse!

  1. I love the one at the end with their names how sweet! The whole venue was amazing and gave them so many cute pictures! The one in the tub is so cute, the barns were amazing, loved the light bulbs. Oh and the one of them standing on the hill!!

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