Pat & Emily

Pat and Emily’s wedding day was a gorgeous celebration with two beautiful families coming together to share in the joining of two awesome people!  The Englert and Edsenga families are full of great personalities and the connections among them and between Pat and Emily made for an extraordinary experience as we photographed the events and interactions of the day.  The ceremony was packed with nerves, tears, and laughs at the beautiful chapel at Morris Farms and the reception, equally charged with the emotional spectrum, was hosted at the Gillespie at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Everyone involved in making the day beautiful and ensuring it went smoothly did a fantastic job and at the end of the day we felt more honored than at the onset to have been the ones to photograph it!  Here’s a preview of the greatness that was Pat and Emily’s wedding day…(!)

Ceremony:  Morris Farms
Reception: The Gillespie at Hilton Garden Inn
Wedding Planner: Lou Behre
Catering: Hilton Garden
Coordinator: Jamie Bibler of Hilton Garden
Flowers: Poppies
Video: The Bandwagon Video
Entertainment: The Mix
Cake: Sahara Katz Cake

One thought on “Pat & Emily

  1. The photos are beautiful! I can’t believe you were able to capture all the love and the happiness of Emily and Patrick’s wedding day! I will
    cherrish the photo’s forever! Thank you.

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