Kevin & Maeggon!

We had a good time with this cute couple on a Tuesday afternoon as the season had just started to turn to autumn.  Maeggon brought her quiet charm and adorable dog, Lilly all the way from Virginia to visit some family in Ohio and then spend some time with her stylish, personable fiancé, Kevin, in the Shipshewana suburbs;)   And to get photo-d, of course.  We knew right away we’d have a great shoot because they had the perfect outfits; from the suspenders and skirt to the shoes and socks to the jerseys and jeans, they looked sooo good!  They met at bible school in southern Indiana, he coming from a Michiana home and she from Farmville, Virginia, so it was clear right from the onset that their priorities were very similar.  On this foundation they have built a relationship that will culminate in their May wedding and their new life together as Virginians!  We really enjoyed the time we spent with them and are happy to show you just how beautiful they are!

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