Matt & Michelle’s Afternoon at the Beach!

On a mid-September afternoon we met up with Matt & Michelle to shoot some engagement photos to celebrate their engagement and to get to know them a little better.  Since they enjoy things like going to the beach, reading and spending time with their energetic dog, Emmy, it seemed perfect to photograph them doing these things.  We had to hide Emmy away a couple of times as other dogs intruded on her beach, but it made for a fun little aside.  We love how easygoing these two are together, the way they love their Emmy enough to bring a hot-dog laced toy to the beach for her, and how they are so willing to just get comfortable under a blanket as a chilly breeze pries at the edges.  The waves and sky were fantastic and Matt and Michelle gorgeous and it made a great shoot.  We ended the session with a nighttime shot at the Wells home not far from the beach.  We can’t wait to photograph their wedding and reception here in Goshen next May!  Here’s a look at our fantastic afternoon with Matt & Michelle!

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