The Crowleys at the Rathskeller!

Last month we got to shoot Chris and Erika’s wedding at the Athenaeum Theater just off of Massachusetts Ave in downtown Indy.  The theater is absolutely beautiful with massive stained glass windows along an entire wall, many ornate original details and a historical and classy (without being stuffy) atmosphere.  It was the perfect setting for a distinctive duo to confirm their commitment and host an evening of mighty merrymaking! The day began with Erika and her ladies getting there hair done downtown at the hotel and then heading to the Rathskeller to continue and complete the beautification. Meanwhile Chris and the guys ate some wings and hung out in Fishers before also making their way to Michigan Ave to take care of a few last details for the ceremony and reception and then to also get dressed. By 5:00 everyone was looking fantastic as was the theater with great pops of red and green apples and yellow sunflowers. At a few minutes past the half hour the ceremony began. Chris’s dad, Tim, is a judge and conducted a nice, succinct ceremony after which we all applauded the brand new Crowleys!
Next, it was time to go shoot some wedding pictures! The Athenaeum Building is just a few blocks from Lockerbie, a neighborhood of picturesque streets, tons of colorful character in the buildings, trees, and flowerbeds, and just generally packed perfectly full of beauty. A special thanks to the gentlemen for lending some needed muscle, and to the McCarty family for allowing us to use their rustic barn/shed.
After family photos, the Crowleys made their entrance into the reception and the evening’s festivities were underway!
Dinner was followed by some reminiscent toasting, cakecutting, the Crowley first dance and the parent dances. And then the floor was open for everyone to shake it out and dance the hours away! When everyone got warmed up, the dancing stayed at a fever pitch all the way to clean up time. Some great, great dancing and laughing.
One thing that really helped make the evening a super fun time for guests was the photo station complete with mustaches, lips and a few miscellaneous other items. Guests also took home a CD of the Crowley’s favorite playlist with a perfectly fitting label crafted by Chris, who is a graphic designer. Vintage whimsical gets close to the overall vibe of Chris and Erika’s wedding day. It was just a lot of fun to be around because of the easygoing, effortless, unflappable style and gorgeous personalities of the day’s stars.
Thanks for a fantastic experience on your big day, guys, and for being such superb people!
Here is a look at Chris and Erika’s wedding day…

Crowley Contributors:

Hair: Skinners
Makeup: Makeup by Sparkle
Venue: Rathskeller/Atheneaum Theater
Cake: The Cakehole
Transportation: Advanced Limousine

One thought on “The Crowleys at the Rathskeller!

  1. Your wedding was captured perfectly with these pictures. Fantastic wedding, fantastic pictures. So much fun that we should have all been wearing green hats.

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