PJ and Ardith, On a September Sunday…

…said their “I do’s” at the Morris Theatre in South Bend.  A day after their Sikh ceremony, full of rich colors and traditions, they hosted along with their families, an equally vibrant celebration in the western tradition.  This couple is the absolute essence of easy chique and their backgrounds in fashion, Ardith is a designer for Loft and PJ is a project manager for Macy’s, shone brightly in all aspects of their wedding day. Two of the particularly cool things about this wedding were that the boutonnieres were designed by PJ and Ardith hand-picked each of her bridesmaids’ dresses to each girl. These are just a couple of small examples of the talents that this pair has. Their tastes keep pace perfectly with their own perfection as people. From the Ferragamo shoes and immaculately tailored suits to the totally gorgeous Vera Wang dress and perfect custom bridesmaids’ dresses, this was an amazing, beyond exceptional celebration.  PJ is tall, dark, and handsome. Not to mention intelligent, kind, and articulate. Ardith possesses the same three character traits and is a magnetic blend of delicate and statuesque, stunning yet modest.  And the friends comprising their wedding party were also beautiful, vivacious individuals.  From the start of the day as the hair and makeup got underway and the guys were pressing shirts and grabbing a bite, it was clear that it would be a great day.  It was relaxed in 702 as PJ finished writing his vows in his moleskin and sent Ardith flowers before pinning the boutonnieres and then beginning his grooming and dressing. All through the morning I could see that PJ was balancing his excitement perfectly and enjoying all of the steps leading up to the moment when he would see Ardith coming down the aisle. He was effortless and unflappable. Ardith was the same with an added measure of excitement to smile at in the months and years to come. As the morning brought us to midday and then early afternoon, everyone was looking totally gorgeous. Ardith met PJ in the upstairs of the Morris lobby in front of the windows where they marveled at each other and shared a quiet moment before everything really got kicked off. After their bit of quiet, we jetted here and there for some photos with them and their party. A huge thanks to Gabrielle Thompson and Beth Anne Anderson for their huge contributions on this day!!! We returned to enjoy some beautiful string music as each attendant walked down the aisle and after a concise ceremony we were introduced to Mr and Mrs Prabhjot Singh and witnessed their first steps as husband and wife as they strolled easily back down the aisle. Congratulations with family and the wedding party was followed by some family photos and then the same beautiful strings from downstairs provided a soundtrack to the cocktail hour on the upper level. The reception itself was nothing short of awesome. The ballroom at the Palais Royale was even more spectacular than ever! Everything was elegant perfection from the flowers and decor to the lighting and food. The exquisite musical stylings of Hey Jimmy set the tone for a night of fun and dancing. And dance they did, one and all! There was cheesecake for dessert and even a birthday cake for Meredith, Ardith’s sister, who also surprised the couple with the announcement that their honeymoon would be in Hawaii! So much warmth and kindness came from both of these families. It was just tremendous to be around this group! There was so much wonder packed into this day that I have no doubt I’ve forgotten some of them, but I’m also certain that the photos will give you a great taste of just how incredible PJ and Ardith’s wedding day was!

Johnson-Singh Wedding Credits:

Hair: Eric from Emerald Cuts
Makeup: the fantastic Gabrielle!
Flowers, Decor, Enhancements: Michaelangelos!
Ceremony: Morris Theatre
Reception: Palais Royale
Officiant: Regina Wilkinson
String Quartet: The Summer Quartet
Band: Hey Jimmy

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