Country Casual…

…with an idyllic mix of rustic and vintage is how we would characterize Adam & Jessie’s wedding celebration at Millcreek Barn. From the moment we first arrived, we fell in love with the charm of this gorgeous barn and the land on which it is situated. The aesthetics are fantastic. Adam and Jessie were making the last minute preparations and then running through their dress rehearsal as we took a few minutes to look around and attempt to take it all in.

Then, on Friday we set about capturing some great aspects and details of the property as the final pieces were being put into their places. Janie stayed with Jessie in the quaint little bridal studio that at some point long ago appears to have served as a coop for some type of fowl. This spot is the perfect example of why this venue is so cool. There’s no pretension. What was once a house for birds has now been repurposed beautifully for bridal use without destroying the affect of the building with its setting. As Jessie and the bridesmaids set about the final steps of their beautification process, Adam and the gentlemen undertook their transformations in the men’s. They are a close group and it was an enjoyable atmosphere despite smallness of the space.

When the last cowboy boot had been pulled on and the last bowtie secured, the guys shared laughs, stories and apples before Adam and Jessie had their first see and a few private moments. Then, we took advantage of the terrific country setting and got some shots with the entire bridal party and some with just Adam and Jessie. This duo is a very country and very truck-loving pair and we really dug the way the photos were turning out despite the early rain showers. The light was wonderful and spirits were high which made the photo time extra-fun!

When we returned to the barn, it was a short wait as guests arrived and were ushered to their seats in the lawn beside the barn. Before we knew it, Adam was standing tall in front waiting for his bride-to-be to step from around the corner and make her way down the aisle toward him and a new life as husband and wife. The air was charged with anticipation and excitement for the moments to follow and for how beautiful Jessie looked as she strode toward Adam, arm in arm with her dad.

After a concise ceremony, beautiful words full of joy and exhortation, we were thrilled to be introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Weaver for the first time ever anywhere! After the couple had dismissed each of their guests personally, everyone was invited to enjoy appetizers and mingle while the family took photos together. Once each guest had found their seat and it was time to kick off the reception, the wedding party and the brand new Weavers were announced and the party was underway!

The toasts were perfect and Jessie’s dad gave a touching speech before saying a prayer to bless the meal. A cool thing to note here is that Jessie’s father owns Victorian Pantry which catered the meal for Adam and Jessie! The food was wonderful and the wait staff was fantastic:)

As the evening waxed late, the dancing increased, the bouquet and garter were tossed, and memories were revisited and new ones made to revisit another day. At the end of the night, we felt like it had been a full, fantastic day and that the world was one couple richer than it had been!

We aimed our camera at the sky and captured the evening moon, stars and clouds before departing happier than we had come, excited to review all of the day’s beautiful memories.

One further thing that we found perfectly befitting this couple’s style: in the morning before he made his way to the barn, Adam had worked on Jessie’s old blue truck, fixing a few things long needed as his gift to his bride. An everyday task on an anything but everyday sort of day. Very befitting of this affable, unpretentious couple who have an effortless cool to them. We hope you enjoy a peek into Adam and Jessie’s beautiful wedding day as much as we enjoyed photographing it:)

Weaver-Stogdill Celebration Contributors:

Venue: Millcreek Barn
Catering: Victorian Pantry
Cake: Victorian Pantry
Flowers: Petals and Blooms
Dresses: some custom made by the ladies themselves and some by Alfred Angelo
Suits: purchased from Macy’s in lieu of renting
Vests & Ties: Louie’s Tux Shop
DJ: In-Tune DJ Service
Officiant: Jared Gregory

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