Valuable Legs, the TD Wagon, and the Perfect Smile!

It was an early evening Wednesday and we were preparing to shoot Skyler’s senior photos.  It had been raining off and on with varying intensity all day, so we were excited when the radar appeared to indicate that the showers were finally gone… But, in the 30 minutes leading up to the start time it rained cats and dogs!  So, we decided to begin with an awesome indoor location that we love. A couple of things were clear right away.  First, Skyler was going to be a breeze to shoot, and second, it was good that it rained because the shots we were starting with were setting a perfect tone.  By the time we left the indoors, the rain had slowed to a drizzle with only occasional showers that seemed to synchronize with our driving time until it quit completely as the session wrapped up.  At the second location we got a bit better idea of the amazing value and capability of the pair of legs carrying this girl.  Enough blue ribbons and medals to fill a grocery sack!  And we’re not talking about elementary track and field day.  We’re talking about 3 years of high school meets and national competitions.  By the end of this year I’m sure there’ll be an entire battery of new ones added to her loot.  We knew she was busy because of the difficulty scheduling the shoot, but this brought a little more clarity to why that was.  She’s also an exceptional hoopster and fütballer, we hear.  We shot with umbrellas, without umbrellas, without shoes, with wind, but pretty much always with smiles.  Skyler’s got one of those million dollar smiles that just makes you smile to see it.  She was a trooper all the way through, without regard for the sometimes rainy shots or the wet weeds and grass shots and it made the entire time light and fun.  We ended with a fun night shot that we really love on the front end of our new (to us) TD Wagon.  It was a really great shoot and we loved getting to meet and work with Skyler (and Brenda;) and we’re excited to show you her senior session!

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