Joe and Michelle…

are two amazing, beautiful, smart and fun people! I’m biased, but I doubt that there’s anyone who knows them even a little that would disagree! They got together with their families at the Farmhouse in Nappanee on a beautiful, warm Saturday in October to confirm their commitment to each other in front of all those they love!  They were excited to start a new life together without trips back home to sleep apart in the evenings and facebooking because they hadn’t seen each other in a few days.  The months between their engagement and the wedding went by so fast that as I was getting into the car to meet the guys at the Luxe Cafe for Joe’s one last bachelor breakfast, it only just began to really hit me.  This might be a good time to mention that Joe is my brother and I was the photographer for the getting ready part of the day and best man for the rest of the day:)  I love the fact that throughout the entire wedding day, Joe was relaxed and excited, but mostly just happy.

As the guys met for breakfast, Michelle and the ladies’ morning at the Miller house rolled on as Laura did their hair and then Brenda (Michelle’s sister who is a brand new mom:) did makeup.  Once the dolling was mostly complete, the girls all made the trip to the Farmhouse where they finished getting ready and then met up with us for pictures.

After a tasty breakfast, the guys made a couple of stops before coming over to our place to hang out a little bit before getting ready.  Joe gave each of us an awesome pair of striped socks which was cool.  I was particularly happy to wear the watch he had given me at the rehearsal dinner and the rest of the gang was equally  happy to employ the flasks which he had given each of them.  I took care of a few last minute decoration details during hangout time, and afterwards we all got dressed and headed for the Farmhouse.  When we were roughly halfway there, Joe called to ask if I had remembered to grab the bouttanieres from above the fridge, which I had not, so Tyler went back after them while we went ahead.  Janie designed and made the bouttanieres, bouquets, and many of the centerpieces and to not have the bouttanieres would have meant certain exile for me!

Upon arriving, Joe made his way to a quiet little spot where he waited for Michelle so they could share a quiet minute or two to say hi and admire each other’s beautiful-ness!  Michelle was of course gorgeous and Joe the perfect amount of handsome and comfortable.  I love their style and the way they are together.  This is when it really hit me that my little brother was getting married.  And I’m so glad that Michelle came into his life!  Wow.  Since this is about them and their wedding day and not how proud I am of him and them, I will leave it at that:)

Michelle came up behind him and embraced him and they found a quiet pocket of moments before the sea of picture time, wedding and reception celebrations swallowed them up and carried them away to the sunny Arizona sands.

We took photos at a few places and wrapped up the photos at the Farmhouse before the guests started arriving and the ceremony drew nigh.

After Joe asked Michelle to marry him and they started the process of planning this day, Joe had come to the realization that the one person he most wanted to marry them was our father.  When Dad responded that he didn’t feel that he could do it, Joe and Michelle considered the options, but in the end still felt strongly enough to ask Dad another time and Dad had considered further and agreed to take the necessary steps to allow him to conduct the ceremony and to be the one to marry them!

It wasn’t long before the seats filled and it was time to get the ceremony under way.  And then it wasn’t long before Joe and Michelle were sharing a kiss and Dad was announcing Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Yoder!  Michelle was dancing the second her feet hit the grass:)

The newlyweds dismissed their guests by row to make sure they didn’t miss saying hello to anyone and invited each one to enjoy some fresh fruit from Kercher’s as a pre-reception treat or to take home for later.  After a few family photos, they were announced into the reception and the party officially got started!

Dinner was an amazing, delicious haystack made by Michelle’s mom, Nettie!  It was the perfect meal idea for the setting and overall feel of the wedding, just like the cupcakes instead of a traditional cake.  After dinner and dessert, some enjoyed playing CornHole/ Bag Toss and LadderBall while others hit the dance floor right away.  It was pretty chill.  After a while it was time for toasting and even though I didn’t say nearly all of what I planned to, Becky kept it on-point with her speech and everyone offered their best wishes/ raised their glasses to Joe and Michelle and a happy, beautiful future!  It was a fantastic day! Michelle brings out the best in Joe and she is a wonderful person that I’m proud to call my sister-in-law! Love you guys!!!

Here’s some of what we (almost entirely Janie) captured of your wedding day…

Miller-Yoder Contributors:

Hair: Laura Mishler

Makeup: Brenda Cox

Officiant: David Yoder

Meal & Service: Nettie Miller & Bontrager brothers and sisters


Venue: The Farmhouse

DJ: DJ Music Professionals

Setup & Cleanup: The entire Miller & Yoder clans:) & the fantastic Kris Zakula!

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