Wedding Ring

Well, I thought I’d stop by and show and tell you guys a personal story of mine. Now I’m not even going to pretend this is going to be well said or wrote. So prepare yourself…this is not John writing 🙂
On the way home from dinner about 6 months into dating, John stopped by Meijer and made me stay in the car. When he came out he had a loaf of bread. When asked, he was being all secret about it. Sometime down the road he pulled into a (Goshen) park. Parked the car and leaned over and just whispered in my ear, “will you marry me?”. After about a min in a half of crying he took my head in his hands and yelled “is this a yes?” lol Shouting YES! he took my finger and slid a handmade bread tie ring on my finger. 🙂 I wore this through the engagement until I got a diamond ring, then the band and happy ever after. The tie was always more important to me then the diamond. So when we started talking about renewing our vows…it just seem fitting to redo my ring. Plus, I’m not a diamond girl and with work it kept getting caught on the brides dress. So. The search for a good jeweler came about. It “only” took 13 months going through “we can’t do that” or it’ll be $, to find Rita at Fiebig Jewelry in Sturgis, MI. I wasn’t about to settle for anything but what I wanted 🙂 Rita was amazing. Listened..gave ideas and didn’t treat me crazy for what I wanted. What did I want? A replica of my bread tie:) I didn’t care if its gold or not. It was about lasting and the meaning. I also wanted something of my old ring. So I had a small stone from my old ring put in on the inside center. I now have it…wearing it… and smiling every time I look down. In short. I love my husband.
In your looking for something custom…go see Rita 🙂

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