Patrick and Allison…

…decided to tie the knot on a perfect Saturday in mid-October at an out of the way spot called Heston Hills in picturesque northwest Indiana. From the first moments of meeting Pat and his friends as they hung out chatting and throwing the pigskin in the yard, there was no mistaking Pat’s nervous excitement each time his mind came back to what this day would hold. It was cool to see. His shaky hands and voice were a sweet reminder of just how big this day was. Their day was so packed full of cool stuff!

We stayed in New Buffalo just across the state line and had decided that we’d like to capture the sunrise, so I rose at about 6am to get ready and head to a good spot I’d chosen the night before. It was a brisk fall morning and there was a threat of rain in the morning atmosphere.  I got the footage before heading back toward the hotel. On the way I realized that because the hotel was in Michigan and the rest of the day’s activities would be taking place in Indiana, we actually had an extra hour to get things together. We met Allison at her Mom’s home to pick up her dress and get a few shots of it before Janie was to meet all of the ladies at the salon in LaPorte. After dropping Janie there, I ran a series of errands and did some planned supplemental shooting before it was time to head off to meet Patrick and the guys in New Buffalo at the vacation rental where the guys would be getting ready. Some hot tubbing went on, one early fall run (the officiant is a good friend) some fire-building, and a fair amount of football-tossing. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere, but bright threads of anticipation were woven into the midday activities as well. After the final attempt at hitting the trash can with a pass from across the yard, it was time to head back inside to shave and get dressed. Pat is such a great person and it was a really sweet thing to see how genuinely nervous he was. It was the kind of groom’s story that I’ve often heard guys talk about, but I think it was the first time that I’ve actually witnessed it so unmistakably in person. Once prepared, we headed out to Heston.

The soon to be Cailleses had decided to share a private moment prior to the wedding to calm their nerves and exchange gifts and we of course got to be there to photograph it! These are two of the sweetest people in the world!!! Their gifts were so much more than just the obvious beauty of each.  They had a story behind them and represented a great deal of thought and attention to detail.  Just another highlight of the love between them.  Pat gave Allison a gorgeous ring with an amazing sapphire and Allison had purchased a Cartier watch for Pat that he’s been wanting for a couple of years! It was a very emotional first see! Just. plain. awesome.

As their moments drew to a close, nerves calmed, guests had begun arriving and it was time for the wedding to get started. They had a friend who had agreed to sing for them in the ceremony and she sounded amazing! The moment drew near and then it was time. Allison walked toward Patrick on her father’s arm.  They shared beautiful vows and a quick message from a close friend who was asked to officiate, and then we all met the latest, greatest, Cailles!

After some photos in the area, we returned for the reception and party.  It was a very beautifully decorated room, the food was delicious, and the mingling, dancing, and fun were all second to none!  There were multiple toasts to the character of both Pat and Allison, to an extent we’ve not experienced before.  This just served to confirm what we’d come to suspect in our meetings and engagement shoot with the two of them-that they’re GREAT PEOPLE who had found the absolute best person to spend their life with!

Pat flawlessly pulled off one of the greatest reception activities that we’ve ever photographed or captured video of.  He sang Zac Brown Band’s “Free” and it was absolutely awesome.  Allison had no idea that he’d been practicing, and it was yet another example of the extraordinary nature of this love.  As the evening wore on, the music and dancing only intensified.  Young and old shared the same enthusiasm.  Old friends caught up on new happenings.  New acquaintances made memories and set the foundation for possible future friendship.  All beneath a bright moon and a flowing sea of wispy, sometimes billowy clouds and set to the sounds of a wonderful band and the warmth of love, food and drink.  Pat and Allison’s wedding was totally perfect, because they are absolutely perfect together!

Here’s a glimpse of what we captured on their wedding day…

Cailles Contributors:

Hair:  Hair Fitness

Venue:  Heston Hills

Officiant:  Ron Barkowski

Band: Paul Mabin Band

2 thoughts on “Patrick and Allison…

  1. We are so proud of our niece Allison and the love of her life, Patrick. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and it is uberly obvious both are very happy. We are just so excited for you two! May you have many wondrous and magical years ahead, just as it was on your wedding day!
    All our love,
    Buck and Tissie Dent
    P.S. When can we get our hands on a Little Cailles?

  2. My Dear Allison & Patrick –
    The love between the two of you is so evident in all of these pictures. May you alway be this happy and surrounded by people who love you both! Life is what you make it, so make yours happy, loving, forgiving and understanding. That day was one I will never forget…

    I love you both –
    Mom D.

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