Vintage Day Trip!

We spent an afternoon with Chan, Tracy, and Kendal back in the Fall to shoot engagement photos for Chan and Tracy’s upcoming June wedding. It was clear from the moment we met up with them at Goshen Municipal Airport that it was going to be an awesome shoot because they had nailed their outfits and the vintage car they brought was also perfect! The attire suited them so well and the shots came off absolutely beautifully. From the casual afternoon walk with a break to play some cards and make some family video memories, to the trip by car (complete with breakdown), to the airport to lift off for a new adventure, we had loads of fun with this awesome couple and some of their family!
When we first met to start the shoot, we were aware that we might end up working with/around some precipitation, but it was surprising the precipitation that we ended up seeing. Just as we returned to the airport to get the plane shots, it began to rain/snow/hail, and we decided that we’d go for a light lunch at South Side Soda Shop. After an enjoyable meal and easy conversation we headed back and without much further delay were able to get some great shots to wrap up the story. We had an extraordinary time with these wonderful people and are especially thankful for the patience of their family as the shoot took longer than initially anticipated. We also are super excited for their wedding in June for several reasons. First of course because they’re such cool people and we know it will be awesome! And also because their reception will be held at the Old Bag Factory here in Goshen, so we’ll get to see the improvements they’ve made since we photographed Kyle and Taleasha‘s wedding there in 2010. Chan’s heritage is Cambodian and we look forward to experiencing some great Cambodian elements in the celebration as well as when we travel to Cambodia with them to capture some of their honeymoon trip!!! And as an added bonus we’ll get to work with Cher and the great people of Merry Me Events again!
We hope you love the photos as much as we do! We had a great time shooting them:)

One other very cool piece of side information is that the plane in the photos was built by Chan’s grandfather in his basement!

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