Hey Good Lookin’…

We had a great Saturday afternoon shoot with Bobby and Katie in Valparaiso for their engagement.  We headed to the local grocery to pick up a few things for an afternoon in the kitchen preparing a meal.  The adorable kid you’ll see below is their son, Sam and he’s actually even cuter in person.  It’s not difficult to see where he got his looks.  Both of his parents are beautiful.  These two have been together for a very long time and it was really nice to experience their dynamic a bit as they chopped, boiled, sipped, cooked, and fed Layla a few bites.  As neat as it was to shoot them cooking, it was the last few shots that were the most fun and showed the most about this family.  Katie and Sam sat on the porch swing as Bobby played guitar and sang to them.  It was touching to see how comfortably they slid into this family posture.  Quite clearly these moments are some of the sweetest bits holding this family tight.
It was a very natural, easy shoot and just makes us look forward even more to the time we’ll get to spend with them in June, photographing their vintage/rustic barn celebration!
Here’s a look at some of the time we spent with them…

Two great details. First, Bobby built the island that you see in their kitchen as a gift for Katie. And, second, the guitar Bobby is playing was a gift from his mother and was her first guitar.
This family has a natural, honestly easygoing vibe, completely uncontrived and a tremendous pleasure to be around and we love them!

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