Freezing Fun!

It was a chilly Friday afternoon on the date chosen for Sam and Avery’s engagement shoot, and a lot of what we had in mind was outdoors… The plan was to hit a few spots with specific characteristics on the way to an evening dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, Zazio’s. We strolled through downtown Kalamazoo, pausing here and there and chatting as we went along. They enjoyed coats for the first while… then it was time for the bridge and sunset shots. No coats and cold, cutting gusts of air. Braving the initial bite of the winter wind as they stepped from the comfort of the car, and then shaking off the icy blanket of air that eventually just enveloped, they felt the “Florida sun”… long enough to get the shots. The bridge was the worst. When we did the field shots the lesser wind was balanced by the fact that they were in t-shirts. It’s making me cold remembering it. But it was a lot of fun and we enjoyed learning about Sam’s East Hampton proposal that wasn’t exactly according to plan, but just spectacularly sweet and thoughtful. Avery was interning in NYC and since the ring didn’t arrive in time for Sam’s departure to visit Avery, he proposed with a beautiful ring that had belonged to Avery’s grandmother, creating another layer of awesome in their engagement memories:)
We’ve learned enough about this couple to be inspired by them and their approach to life. To see that they’re not just gorgeous on the outside. They are thoughtful and generous . Thankful and unselfish. Energetic and funloving. They act to improve the world around them by positively impacting the lives of people around them, both inside their daily sphere and in the greater community. As I remember the time we spent with them, it makes me smile. It was very relaxed, like a few hours with good friends. I think that’s really what it was. Anyway, they’re great and we couldn’t help but have a really wonderful time.
The sunset photos could have drawn the shades on a good shoot, but there was more in store. They treated us to an absolutely awesome meal at the chef’s table at Zazio’s! Chef John Korycki created so much excellent food that I started to wonder if I’d even be able to move when it was over. Pecorinos and freshly rolled pastas. Vino and dessert. The best! As we ate, we enjoyed background on the foods being prepared and the region they originated from. I can’t think of a better meal.
We got a few shots around the restaurant afterwards, the staff was even nice enough to allow us into the kitchen for some. It was a great, great afternoon and evening and we’re excited to show you Sam and Avery’s engagement photos!

Favorites from conversation during the session: “It’s like socks on my teeth.” “It’s like licking mustard off of carpet.” and use of the word “mugician,” which I think should be added to the dictionary because it’s apt and concise.

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Bennifer, Brangelina, TomKat, Savery?  Yeah, I think so!

Sam + Avery = Savery.

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