“Carps” & Cort!

Matt, “Carps” is somewhat of a quiet individual until engaged.  Then his intelligence, charm, and wordplay transform him into that guy you’re sure could handle any situation and make a friend of anyone.  Cortney is an easygoing personality with perspective and natural groundedness.  She’s full of smiles, laughs, and positivity and possesses those same traits that make Matt shine.  Together they lit up the dance floor and the entire evening from the I Do’s through the tremendous stylings of the High Society Orchestra.  It was a once in a lifetime sort of day, but I imagine that this is very much who they are all the time – charismatic, fun, and genuinely nice people who are just exceptionally good at loving people. Having said a little about the wonderful brand of people they are, I’d like to describe the events of their day a bit.  I’ll start by mentioning when we first met Cortney and her mom, Nadine.  They were immediately very warm.  Conversation came very naturally.  Then they told us that they had chosen to work with Cher and the team at Merry Me Events, which got us excited for them and for how terrific their celebration was going to be.  They told us about the lake, the island, the bridge and that would be the setting of their I Do’s and dancing.  We looked forward to their wedding from that first meeting, and we knew when we met Matt at our second meeting that it was going to be an amazing wedding to shoot because of their easy chemistry and the way they talked about the day. Now, fast forward to Saturday, May 5, 2012.  It was a gorgeous day.  Not hot and not chilly.  Perfect.  Cortney and the ladies were getting dolled by Veronica and Lori as lots of the last minute setting up was happening outside in and around the tent.  Matt and the guys were hanging out at another nearby property, enjoying the morning with a mellow blend of chat, refreshment, and suiting up.  The air was light and free with the hints of anticipatory angst that a wedding day holds in the pre-ceremony hours.  The last chuckles were had, the last do done, and the bus arrived to shuttle everyone for some photos.  Matt and Cortney had a few moments together for a first see on the pier before the remainder of the photos got underway.  Everyone was in high spirits, helping create a really fun photo experience.  And then it was time to head back for a few last shots with her dad’s vintage Town & Country and then the ceremony. Guests had already begun arriving by 4:45 or so, and lots of mingling and catching up was happening even as the last of the car photos were wrapping up.  Things began really ramping up and excitement was growing.  Cold refreshments and comfy furniture in the lawn created a perfectly relaxed afternoon air as the ceremony grew closer.  A short time later Matt and the gentlemen made their way across the bridge to take their place on the island followed by each of the ladies.  The flower girls and Townes were the last to cross before Cortney and her dad began their trip down the aisle and over the bridge.  It was a cool moment.  All the guests standing in front of their chairs on one side of the water as Cortney made her way toward Matt on the island.  Great stuff!  Pastor Gaustad conducted a concise ceremony with her sister Kate singing a song while husband Spencer played the mandolin.  Cort and Carps came back across the bridge as husband and wife to applause and fanfare, and kicked off the cocktail hour!  The hors d’oeuvres and cocktails were beautiful and clearly delicious and everyone was already enjoying themselves! Following some family photos and after an ample time had passed, everyone was formally welcomed into the reception tent.  The Carpenters were introduced and shared a sweet and fun dance to Dolly Parton’s Here I Am.  There was a lot of emotion in the events that followed and it was all exceedingly beautiful and an honor to photograph.  Jeff & Nadine welcomed everyone and shared a couple of stories.  He struggled to overcome the emotion with words, but when he did Jeff gave a wonderful speech that brought tears to more than a couple of eyes.  Pastor Gaustad gave a blessing and the food stations were opened.  There were three stations to celebrate three things about the day; there was American summertime pulled pork and the like, Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, and fried chicken for the Kentucky Derby which also was took place that day.  LaSalle Grill did an amazing job on the food and service and everyone enjoyed a wonderful dining experience. While the dining was underway, four tremendous toasts were offered to honor the newlyweds, one from best man and friend since high school, Paul, and one each from Cortney’s sisters, Jana, Kate, and Alyssa.  Many dry eyes again became teary…  but with the High Society Orchestra warming up, the party really turned up a few notches shortly after the last toast had been offered.  And all through the pie-cutting, parent dances, and a photo break the band never looked back.  They sounded fantastic, and when Matt and Cortney missed the opportunity to be on the dance floor during “Brown Eyed Girl”, they even performed it again.  The legs pumped and the twirling kept on till late in the night and when the last shutter snapped and we said congratulations and good bye, there was no foreseeable end to the festivities.  We have no doubt that no person left the Matt and Cortney’s wedding without having had a wonderful time!  We certainly had a great time and are excited to show you some of their photos…

Team Players:

Venue: Bolduan Lake House

Florist, Design, Décor: Merry Me Events,

Cher Goggins Day of Coordination: Merry Me Events,

Richelle Gingerich Tent & Rentals: Bob Mutton Party & Tent Rentals,

Matt Mutton Salon: Radius Salon,

Veronica Makeup: Lori Neapolitan

Officiant: Pastor Jeffrey Gaustad

Caterer: LaSalle Grill

Music: High Society Orchestra,

Allan Heiman Valet Service: At Your Service Valet,

Chris Young Girls’ Dresses: Jenny Yoo

Bride’s Dress: Christos

Suits: the gentlemen’s own

Invitations & Paperies: Abby Munn

3 thoughts on ““Carps” & Cort!

  1. So much awesomeness that is to be expected. I love her ring, the flowers are so creative and pretty. The decorations were so awesome, the setting was gorgeous! Love all of them!

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