M & M!

Matt and Michelle have loved each other for a lot of years.  Years filled with fun, laughter, firsts, and lots of hard work as they finished school and looked forward to their future together.  Saturday, May 12 was the day that kicked off that journey in a whole new way!
We knew it would be a fun day just because of the type of people that Matt and Michelle are.  From the amazing time we spent shooting their engagement on the beach early last fall, we expected them to be effortlessly laid back because they were already prepared and organized and could just be in the moment.  And that is exactly how their day was.  It was a family affair.  A meaningful, multigenerational anniversary.  An easygoing vintage evening.  It was very M&M.  There were so many aspects of their day that celebrated their family, that it’s tough to remember them all.  I’m sure that I won’t.  Michelle’s mother’s wedding dress was re-purposed into the ring pillow, the garter, and some unity candle embellishment.  Her bouquet included the same Bible that her mother and grandmother carried in theirs.  Her veil was the one that her sister wore in her own wedding.  All of the decorations were handmade by their families.  Her father made the gift card box as a memento for them to keep.  The wedding itself was planned for May 12 because it was the wedding date that Michelle’s grandparents had chosen 56 years earlier.  There was a second cake to celebrate their anniversary:)  Because their families and friends mean so much to them, they planned their wedding day to highlight it.  Matt and the guys shared a morning run on the mill race trail because most of them have run together for years, in high school or college.  Running has been such a large part of Matt’s life that he decided to have all of the guys wear running shoes instead of dress shoes.  All of the ladies were wearing blue dresses, but rather than asking each girl to try to fit her personality into the same dress, Michelle had each girl choose a blue dress of her own taste.  It was great to see such a level of comfort in a wedding day!  The entire day was very natural and beautifully unstressed.

Some of our favorite moments:
Matt sitting in the barber’s chair, laughing with his friends.
Matt chilling in front of a wall of Jelly Belly candies at The Nut Shoppe as Michelle approached him.  To see each other for the first time on their wedding day.  It was sweet;)
Tales told while strolling in a sea of yellow flowers;)
M&M in yellow flowers.
The fantastic singing of a remarkable vocalist during the ceremony.
The newlyweds coming back down the aisle, Matt clicking his heels.
Parent Dances and slideshows.
The Whiskey Runners.
The dancing!
Matt & Michelle married and happy!

It’s very difficult to imagine a wedding day being any closer to perfect.  From our point of view, the Wells wedding was as true a reflection of who Matt & Michelle are and who they want to be as it could possibly have been.  They are the result of their friends’ and families’ love, support, and encouragement, and they hope and plan to honor these relationships in the years ahead.

A very exciting future is just a short time ahead for this couple!  The next step for Matt’s education involves a move to the Caribbean!

Thanks for such a wonderful May 12, Matt, Michelle, friends and family!  We hope you enjoy the photos!

Miller-Wells Team Players:
Venue:  Old Bag Factory
Caterer:  Bread & Chocolate
Cupcakes:  Truffle Cake & Pastry Shoppe
Band:  Whiskey Runners!
Flowers: Dutch Blessing!
Officiant:  Pastor Ryan Alghrim
Hair Stylist:  Infuse Salon, Tomeka!
Makeup Artist:  Karen Ponce!
Dress: Sophia’s Bridal!
Suits: JoS. A. Bank!
Special Thanks to:
Justin Bell & The Nut Shoppe!
Rob @ Rob’s Barber Shoppe!
the unknown lady on 8th St.!
fellow photog on CR 21!

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One thought on “M & M!

  1. Those are the best wedding day pictures I have ever seen! All of the different places you were was very creative! You can tell that you love each other very much and have fun together.
    Congratulations! Nan

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