I Vow To Be Your Sunshine!

Two Saturdays ago was one of the best days we’ve shared with friends, ever.  It was effortlessly laid back all the way through with splashes of color and sparks of laughter that perfectly highlighted the happiness and love that carried this day.  It’s a wonderful thing that never grows old to be caught up in the warm embrace of friends’ smiles, hugs, and laughs as they dance about their wedding day like feathers on a breeze.  Lee and Aub are the best kind of people.  They’re kind, genuine, generous, and funny.  They’re also creative, artistic, contemplative, and funny.  Not to mention animal-loving, finer things appreciating, and funny.  We have known and loved them for years and have gotten to see their relationship evolve from the secretive flirting of SBCC Shipshewana into the awesomeness that it has become.  We actually just ran into them yesterday in an unexpected place and we commented afterwards about how they are clearly happier than we have ever seen them.  And it makes my heart smile.
To hit some of the highlights of their big day, I would offer up the following words: Essenhaus, Country Corral, hot shave, Salon J, Nelson-Kilgore homestead, Yoder house, 808, Ignition Music, hot photo fun, 808 I Do’s, Ballroom party, Constant Spring afterparty!
Now to break it down a bit.  Both the guys and the gals began the day with a good breakfast, at the Essenhaus and the Country Corral, respectively.  Afterwards, Aubrey got her hair done at Salon J and Lee got an old school hot lather shave at Rob’s Barber Shop.  Once the ladies were all dolled and dressed and the guys had donned the dapper bow ties and arrived in Goshen, Lee and Aub saw each other for the first time on their wedding day and shared a couple of intimate moments together in the YEAH corner of Ignition Music.  After some shots there and a few randoms in Better World Books, we jetted here and there for more photos in what had become a beautifully sunny, somewhat hot afternoon.  By the time some family photos were shot guests had begun making their way down past the old ticket booth and up to the Ballroom at 808 for the ceremony.  Then Aub was walking down the aisle toward Lee with her Dad at her side, and moments later our two friends had become the Kilgores!  It was all very good!  And so was the food and festivity that followed.  Two great toasts were offered, off the cuff, by best man Kyle and maid of honor (& sister) Chelsea.  There was excellent food, tons of candy, and awesome cupcakes.  There was chatting and a bit of dancing and the really chill, relaxed atmosphere stayed to the end when the party moved across the street to the Constant Spring.  I know that I’ve said this about many a wedding before Lee and Aub’s, but I don’t think that this day could have been any better.  It was perfect.  We had very full and happy hearts at the end of this day.  Our friends had started a new stage in their life together and we had gotten to share it with them in a very intimate way!  We hope you enjoy the photos:)

Nelson-Kilgore Team Players:
Hot Shaves: Rob’s Barber Shop
Hair: Salon J
Makeup: Stacy Schrock
Venue: Goshen Theater Ballroom
Officiant: Jim Fearnow
Flowers: Dutch Blessing
Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Jennifer Lily Designs
Cupcakes: Dutch Maid Bakery
First See: Ignition Music
Special Thanks to: Better World Books

45 45a

Interesting(?) footnote:  I’ve known Lee for a really long time.  I first “met” him as I often cruised past his house on the way to my friend Jill’s house in the summer after my freshman year of high school.  He was, or probably should have been, laughing at me and my ridiculous mid-’80s Z28 with huge rear tires, but I was too busy thinking I was super-cool to notice that he was laughing rather than ooohing or aaahhing.  I’m not sure when we were first formally introduced to each other, but it was sometime after I had met Janie, but before we got married, because Lee was at our wedding all the way back in 2003.  Anyway, Lee is such an awesome guy that he didn’t assume I was still lame, and we’ve grown to be good friends!  I was honored when he asked me to be in his wedding, and I had an awesome time photographing a cool group of guys who’re also my friends on Lee and Aub’s wedding day!

3 thoughts on “I Vow To Be Your Sunshine!

  1. John and Janie—I just love your blog about the wedding and all the pics–another GREAT JOB! They all made me smile.

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