All you need is love…and a candy bar!

Bobby and Katie are two of the coolest individuals a person could ever meet.  Together they embody more goodness and beauty than you’d think possible if you haven’t met them.  And to make your head heart explode, there’s a combination of the two of them, named Sam, “Muel” to some (who got to decide that Samuels should be “Sam”s anyway?), who really rockets the awesomeness quotient into the stratosphere.  In trying to relate the gist of their wedding day, my head swims.  Words like sweet, suave, happy, effortless, warm, calm, gorgeous, tailored, and zen swirl about, but mostly I get a feeling.  And mental images.  Images of Katie looking amazing in her beautiful dress, smiling and laughing.  Of Bobby in his fantastic suit and awesome hair doing the same.  I notice that I don’t remember them walking anywhere that day-they sort of float or glide in my memory, not walk.  It’s weird, I know.  But it’s true.  There was so much love, everywhere I turned that day.  Friends from various states and stages in their lives, both before and after they found each other.  Family so full of happiness and pride to be sharing this day.  OH, and a pair of attractive, friendly Huskies snooping about.  If I sometimes approach hyperbole in describing the people and events of weddings, then I am only at risk of understating the people and spirit of June 9, 2012 at the Wright property.  There may be a supplemental blog in which I use other words in an attempt to convey some of the feelings and events, but for now, because I don’t want to put my own experience and interpretation ahead of this AMAZING day, I’m going to leave it with the above and let you feel it for yourself in the pictures.  If you think they’re beautiful (Bobby, Katie, Sam, and company), then tell them.  If a wave of emotion swallows you, tell them.  Comment here, tell them in person, post on their wall(s), just make sure you don’t leave it unsaid:)  I, for one, absolutely LOVE the Masi’s.  Who’s with me?!

Wright-Masi Team Players:
Location: Don & Paula Wright’s (amazing) property (Katie’s incredible parents)
Catering: Popolano’s Catering!
Music & Emcee: Catalyst Productions, Ryan McMahon
Video: Christopher Paliga
Desserts: Carol, Terri, Cyndy, and Jerica (aunts and cousins)
Officiant: Judge Mary Harper


6 thoughts on “All you need is love…and a candy bar!

  1. Beautiful! And that doesn’t even begin to describe….What an amazing couple, an amazing day, amazing pictures and an amazing photographer who managed to not only take beautiful pictures but captured the love, family, friends, fun, etc. which made the day so perfect!!!

  2. Wow…words cannot even begin to describe how unbelievable these photos are!! It really shows the magic of the day, and your love!! I almost cried looking through them!! Amazing!

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