Theater Vintage Meets Cambodian Flare!

Chan & Tracy.  Chan & Tracy!  CHAN & TRACY!!!  Chan (Shawn) and Tracy’s wedding day and the following 10 days were nothing short of amazing!  For now we’ll focus on the wedding day.  We first met them last year to talk about what they were planning for their big day and got excited right away when Tracy mentioned that Cher and the Merry Me Events team would be involved in pulling off an old school movie theater wedding at the Goshen Theater downtown and a massive Cambodian party (Chan is Cambodian) at the Old Bag Factory.  We knew right from that first meeting that we would have a great time with this beautiful couple, and when we did their engagement shoot back in the fall last year we got a taste of how they interact and the fun we’d have (Vintage Day Trip.)  Fast forward to summer 2012.  Chan and Tracy were getting excited and the whole affair was coming to fruition at last.  All those late nights and extra efforts were about to pay off in one fantastic day (well, kind of… there were two awesome weeks after that one special day!)  It was really a great day.  Chan and the groomsmen started the morning off at the house, enjoying Chan’s cooking prowess and each other’s company.  It was a great vibe.  In the short time I was there before heading back to Goshen where they’d get ready, I got an informal initiation of sorts.  It really set the tone of the day.  It was very relaxed and comfortable, but with an electricity that sometimes crackled and sparked in especially intense and meaningful moments.  After a morning of preparations, it was time, and Tracy met Chan under the marquee downtown for a couple of quiet moments before we took them for photos.  Chan was looking smooth in his light suit and Tracy was absolutely gorgeous in her dress.  Before lighting up our camersas, they lifted each others spirits even higher and shared a goofy moment or two.  We got some great stuff before calling it a wrap and heading back downtown for the ceremony and the rest of the fun.  Time was crawling for Tracy at that point and the holding room was pretty warm, but a few moments later Kendall was walking her down the aisle toward Chan and none of it mattered.  It was a concise ceremony and presently we were officially being introduced to the Yuns!  They stepped into the sunshine with birdseed raining down on them before stepping into the waiting “Thelma” to make their getaway.  Now, to talk a bit about the reception.  When Cambodians throw a wedding party, they do it big!  There were so many people at this reception-it was Crazy with a capital C!  There were so many family members who were able to attend at the last minute that a bunch of tables had to be added to allow them a place to sit!  Tracy’s dress was amazing.  Chan was casual and at ease, but with a certain air of distinction about him.  He gave a speech of thanks and welcome that helped set the perfect tone for a night of fun.  There were a couple of other fantastic speeches as well, one by Seth, the best man, and one by Kendall, the bridesmaid of honor, and daughter.  Kendall’s emotions were too much for her and she wasn’t able to speak the words she’d chosen, but it they were the perfect words and it was a great speech.  There was a Cambodian band and tons of Cambodian dancing.  There were Cambodian desserts and traditional Cambodian gift-giving.  It was all very, very good.  There were no strangers here.  Drinks and laughs were shared between dances.  The spirit of the evening pulled everyone in and held them in a warm embrace.  When the festivities drew to a close there was no doubt that it had been a full day.  A GREAT day.  Chan and Tracy became the YUNS!  And this was just the beginning…  both literally and symbolically.  There will be a later post with some of the awesomeness that was their Cambodian Honeymoon!!!

(Team players will be updated when we get all the info.)

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