Luke and Angela

Luke and Angela are beautiful individuals, but together they are absolutely perfect.  They have a perfectly complimenting combination of personalities and a combined calm about them.  We loved these two from the first time we met them.  It was clear that Luke adored Angela and that Angela found Luke to be her rock.  That is exactly true from all we witnessed in our time with them.  Their wedding day was an awesome event.

Luke and Angela met at Manchester College where they both were attending classes.  Luke was pursuing a degree that would lead to working with kids.  Angela was planning to go into nursing, and they wound up falling for each other.  Their paths led them to Goshen eventually, which is where Angela is from, as Angela finished school at Goshen College.  When the time was right, Luke planned an amazing proposal around some of their favorite things: water, music, and food.  He decorated the pontoon at his family’s lake proporty, with his brother Nick’s help.  Sandy, Angela’s mom, watched the youngster Brody, while Nick agreed to be the maitre’d for the evening.  Luke serenaded her and popped the question.  The rest is history, as they say.

On the big day, Nick and the rest of the groomsmen reminisced via an infamous vacation video they all had shared with Luke, while Brody stole the show at the Miller house across town.  When everyone was ready, they headed to St. John’s for the wedding.  Angela was gorgeous.  Luke was dapper.  And they got hitched!  After a sendoff and some awesome photos, we headed to the Spohn Ballroom where the party to receive their guests was to take place.  The toasts were perfect and the meal was great, but we especially loved the way that these two got down on the dance floor with their family and friends!  I will let the photos do the rest of the storytelling.  We love Luke and Angela, and are completely blessed to have captured their wedding day!

Miller-Schroeder Team Players:

Ceremony:  St. John The Evangelist

Reception:  Spohn Ballroom

Hair: US Male

Catering: Pumpernickel’s Catering

DJ: Hot Sounds

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