Mark & Laura’s Farmhouse Wedding

Mark and Laura’s wedding at The Farmhouse was sublime.  The natural outdoor setting was positively idyllic.  Their genuineness, unpretentiousness, and natural sweetness were the theme that wafted through their day like the smell of a pie on the breeze or the sound of  carefree tune in the afternoon stillness.  Both Mark and Laura work as educators, and their day was full of an educator’s most valuable asset: the ability to inspire.  The way they treated one another for example.  The way they treated their parents for another.  Even the way that their parents looked at, talked about, and treated them was inspiring.  The newest Tenekjians have the amazing ability to inspire.  They make me aspire to love better, more fully.  The people who made their day were gorgeous and full of life and love.  It was a serene and natural event full of the best traits of humanity, a fitting testament to the type of people that Mark and Laura are!  We’ll never forget their day.  It was a privilege and an honor to photograph!

Team Players

Venue: The Farmhouse

Caterer: Bread & Chocolate

Salon: Shoo Be Doo

An additional shout out is in order to The Incomparables: Carolina Martinez and Kris Zakula. Thanks so much guys for all your help!

5 thoughts on “Mark & Laura’s Farmhouse Wedding

  1. Wow so amazing! Great to re-live the memory. Some very unique pics on top of the beautiful classical ones. I like the pic of someone taking a pic where you can see in the camera phone window from behind them…so cool.

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Hands down the most memorable wedding ceremony I’ve ever attended…I may still be crying! xoxo

  3. Absolutely stunning, artistic photos. Really captured the “magic” of the day and the event!
    Oh the outdoor scenes….both of you so lovely and in love.

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