Pfeifers in Pittsburgh!

Nick and Maggie are extraordinary.  The most obvious example of this is their physical beauty.  The second most evident is the way they interact with each other.  They are in love in a way that is both inspiring and fun.  The way they looked at one another on their wedding day was old-school charming.

They planned an amazing wedding and reception with a vintage, 1940’s/Gatsby-and-guests vibe at St Peter Parish and Grand Concourse in two of Pittsburgh’s coolest areas.  Lots of black and white attire.  Lots of great ties and beautiful dresses.  More memorable personalities and awesome throwback ensembles than we’ve ever seen in one place.  It was art deco in spirit, which is not something we commonly get to experience in the 21st century.  It was a party on a remarkably grand scale!  Without further adieu or words to slow the experience, we present Nick and Maggie’s wedding weekend in Pittsburgh!

Slovonic-Pfeifer Team Players:

Wedding Coordinator: Victoria Bushmire

Church: St. Peter Parish

Reception: The Grand Concourse

Cocktail Hour: The Gandy Dancer

Cake: Bella Christies

Band: Dr. Zoot

Dress: Claire Pettibone

Suit: Mike and Carol Trotta

Tie: General Knot & Co. (custom designed by Nick & General Knot for him and the groomsmen!)

Hair: Tamara Artnak

3 thoughts on “Pfeifers in Pittsburgh!

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    • We can’t emphasize our agreement with this enough! Well said, Betsy! As photographers we found Victoria and her assistant tremendous. All you Pittsburgh brides, do yourselves a favor and get to know Victoria!

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