Meet Carolina! She’s the best thing since sliced bread!

We have had a great 2012 here at Imagination Photography! It’s been a year of team growth and develop in important new ways. Many of you have experienced some of these wonderful elements I’m referring to. The first is the addition of Kris Zakula, our awesome assistant and logistics person. She is an absolute godsend. Her intuitive helpfulness and her light and happy spirit are immeasurably valuable to us!

The second element is the addition of Carolina Martinez. She’s also been a tremendous aid and support, though she’s become part of the team as the eventual lead shooter in her own Imagination Photography crew. She’s been with us since June when we shot Chan and Tracy’s wedding. From the beginning she has been a dedicated student, assistant, and trainee. We met with her for an informal sort of interview on the Thursday before that first wedding, and since it was her birthday weekend, we didn’t expect her to begin with that particular wedding. But, she was excited, and chose to invest her time with us straightaway. Over the course of the summer and fall she has proven herself more and more valuable, and on the first winter wedding we took the next step in her growth as a wedding photographer and our growth as a photography company. Some of the images you’ll see in the next blog post of Roshan and Cari’s wedding are her frames. From this blog on you’ll notice a couple of different elephant symbols here and there. These represent images shot by Carolina. If it’s an outline only, the individual photo that it’s stamped upon was hers. If it’s a solid stamp then the entire panel of images was captured by her. As she continues to grow and develop, so will continue the growth of Imagination Photography. We look forward to growing to accommodate a tremendous new level of possibilities and quality. In the future some of you reading this may very well choose to hire Carolina as the lead shooter for your Imagination Photography wedding! Perhaps you’ll want an Imagination Photography wedding, but will discover that the date has already been booked. One day in the future that will not prevent you from having the same quality and style of wedding photography because you’ll be able to hire our Carolina and her second shooter. We have high hopes and big plans for this talented Art Institute of Indianapolis grad! We already love her and know that you will too!

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