The Holiday Party!

If you follow our blog regularly, you may remember two edgy lovers named Roshan and Cari. We had a lot of fun with them this past spring on their very memorable engagement shoot. We continued on the path of memorable photographing with these two a few weeks ago when the day for their wedding had finally arrived. We met up with each of them at their respective pre-ceremony spots to meet their friends and begin capturing their interactions and emotions. We had a particularly fun time because we not only shot stills, but also captured video for them. It was great to be able to get that extra dimension. But, the video will come later. This blog is for their photos. Roshan and the guys were pretty laid back and enjoyed hanging out and grabbing a bite before it was time to get dressed and go take some photos. He’s got a great group of friends who laugh a lot together, and it was fun to be around. I got to meet Roshan and Cari’s cat, Sal, though he was a bit skittish. I suppose he’s not accustomed to so many people in his domain…

While I was with the gentlemen (and long before), Janie was with the ladies as they got dolled. When everyone was prepared, we headed out for some photos before they ceremony. We started with a moment for just Roshan and Cari to say hi to one another and calm their nerves, though I’m not sure there was too much nervousness between these two at that point. They were completely ready and just looking forward to it. Cari’s anticipatory nerves came to the surface later on as she waited in the wings for her father to join her and then to walk down the aisle. They were beautiful moments, FULL of emotion. Her father was absolutely great. So full of love, pride and happiness, but overwhelmed with memory and the gravity of the moment. It was an honor to behold those moments.

Then, they were wed. Their vows led to a kiss, which led them back up the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Patel, and it was time to go celebrate the dawn of a new era in their lives!

They had planned and pulled together one of the most remarkable (and largest) reception celebrations! The cocktail hour in the White Room led to a holiday party vibe in the Great Hall of the Century Center. It was an elegant affair with the perfect mix of formal and familiar. From the cake cutting to the toasts and then the dancing, it was truly a celebration to remember. Everyone cutting lose and enjoying time together made it fun to document. There was even a visit from Santa and round of cheers for the #1 Irish. When we said goodbye and congratulated them, it wrapped a full, truly great day, full of emotion and wonderful people. Roshan and Cari, thank you, and we wish you guys a very Merry Christmas and many years of happiness ahead!

Here’s a peek into the Yoder-Patel nuptials and holiday party…

Team Players:
Salon: US Male
Makeup: Lindsay Maust
Ceremony: Middlebury Church of the Brethren
Officiant: Ron Spyker, Jefferson Brethren Church
Reception: Century Center
Flowers: Poppies by Polly
Caterer: Century Plate
Dresses & Tuxes: Stephensons

A HUGE SHOUTOUT! and THANK YOU! to our AMAZING team members, Carolina Martinez and Kris Zakula! Without you guys, we couldn’t do what we do! Look for an additional scoop soon about the latest stage in I.P. growth!














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