The Rifes!

Ben & Casey are two absolutely wonderful people who we had the pleasure of meeting through our awesome friend and editor, Leah, and her husband, Landon, who is Ben’s brother. We can’t say enough how much we have appreciated their patience and understanding as they have waited for their wedding photos! When Ben contacted us about doing their photos, we were honored and excited about meeting them and shooting their vows and the party following. When they made the trip to meet with us, we learned that Ben proposed at Yellowstone National Park, which we thought was pretty awesome. Also, we learned that Ben is the sports producer at West Ohio Sports Net, one of the first (maybe the very first) regional all-sports channels in the region. Casey is a teacher in transition, having taught at a school on an Indian reservation in MT for two of the years she’s been dating Ben. They’ve seen many things in the years since eighth grade when they began dating, the most difficult of which has probably been the time in those two years as they only saw each other a few times a year, and Casey saw intervals as long as two months that she was unable to drive anywhere because of the snowfall. In the two-year span that she taught there, 130 inches of snow fell! There were a lot of goodbyes at train stations, which is why it was so fitting that their reception should be hosted at an old train depot.
The weeks leading up to their wedding saw us traveling to Cambodia with Chan and Tracy and seeing some of the most amazing things we’ve ever witnessed. It was an incredible time, but unfortunately a day before we left to come home, Janie began feeling ill. In the three days that followed she didn’t improve, and after powering through a fever of 101 on a 107 degree July day for the getting ready shots, the wedding party photos, and the ceremony, she was feeling very spent by the time we came to the reception. In the end, it was decided that the responsible thing to do was to take her to the nearest ER. The amazing Leah handled the reception shots and we really don’t know what we would have done without her there to take it over. So, thank you, Rifes and Purdys for being so wonderful, supportive, and beautiful, and especially to you, Leah, for being so incredible and shooting the rest of the evening!
It turned out that Janie remained sick for another two weeks, through two more weddings, unable to work at all during the weeks, and this left us with the decision of whether to be delayed further with everyone’s blogs from Ben and Casey’s wedding on, or to delay Ben and Casey’s only and stay as close to on schedule with all the subsequent ones. Since we had a special arrangement with them, and they were so amazingly understanding, we set Ben and Casey’s blog on the back burner, but are now ecstatic to bring you the Rife’s wedding photos!!!

Rife-Purdy Team Players:
Ceremony: Greenville Church of the Brethren
Pastor: Ron Sherck
Reception: Randolf County Arts Depot
Flowers: Ernie Driver
Planners/DOC: Hannah Hoefer and Leah Rife
Dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxes: Country Bridal & Tux
Alterations: Lisa Bayers, 3 Bayers Cottage
Ceromony Pergola: Ron Rife

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