Cambodia Part 2

Theres a few things you need to know about this post before John gets to the full story……
All the temples are at Angkor wat.
Bong’s..(little Cambodia dude) family had died in the Khmer Rouge. During their fleeting.. his family had taken in another little boy, who’s family had also been killed and left alone. When it was all said and done, the two boys left standing, parted ways. While we were leaving the first temple, this man came up to Bong and they had this huge greeting. Even though we couldn’t understand what was being said you knew it was something special. After 30 plus years, that little boy Bong once stood with, was now standing along side him once more, still surviving. It was a magical moment. You can see pictures below.
Bong share stories of his experience during that time leading up to our visit to the killing fields and S-21 Prison. A school, that was converted to cells and torture chambers. At the killing field there was as much as 8000 skulls dug up of the mass graves on a comparatively small area. Not all have yet been dug up. There are many such places in the country.
The Khmer Rouge reign of terror from 1975 to 1978/79. Between one and three millions were murdered and the country’s educated people were exterminated. The population consisted of 70 % females at the end of the war.
The visit was an extremely haunting experience for me.

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This tree was use to hang people.36

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